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Living Word Christian Church

AJ Caparros
Jun 23, 2019


Yes, we are saved by grace through faith. But aren’t we also saved to serve? Jesus did pay it all! Jesus alone is the Savior, not us! He accomplished salvation the work in His life, death and resurrection because we can never accomplish salvation through our own works! We don’t serve God to be saved. We are saved to serve. Don’t get the sequence twisted. We are saved by grace through faith and we’re saved to serve the God who is worthy of our time, efforts and resources, amen? !


Text: 2 Timothy 4:1-5

I. Proclaim God’s Truth (4:1-2)

II. Beware of Myth-seekers (4:3-4)

III. Fulfill Your Ministry (4:5)


Charles Spurgeon is regarded as the prince of preachers. His influence in today’s pastors and preachers lives on. Throughout his life and his ministry, he faithfully carried out his solemn charge. He proclaimed God’s Word. He was aware of the myths and false teachings in his time. When God’s truth was attacked, he unleashed the power of God’s Word despite the constant struggles of his weak health. He had suffered rheumatism, gout and Bright’s disease. And after forty years of powerful and also painful ministry, he entered into rest on January 1892. Two or three days before he died, he told his secretary, “My work is done.” Wouldn’t you want to end like this? To finish strong for God? Spurgeon had fulfilled his ministry and there was nothing else for him to do but to wait for His Master to call him home.

Our work is not yet done. Our ministry has not yet been fulfiled. Be faithful to your solemn charge.