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Living Word Christian Church

Carmelo Caparros
Mar 11, 2018


To this question, we already have ready-made answers and usually we think in terms of INTELLIGENCE QUOTIENTS. While intelligence is a good thing to have, God considers something more nobler, and that is what He considers as wisdom.

TEXT: JAMES 3:13-18
I. The Question and the Answer (v.13)
II. The Description: Wise and Unwise (vv. 14 – 18)

A. Marks of the unwise

1. Internal Root: Wrong heart (v. 14a)
2. Inner Disposition: 14b
3. External Source: Rebel forces (v. 15)
4. Result of UNWISE Conduct: (v.16)

B Marks of the wise (vv. 17 – 18)

1. Source: Internal and External (v.17)
2. Inner disposition: (v. 17)
3. Result of WISE Conduct (v. 18)