Carmelo Caparros
Sep 20, 2020


When you are faced with a DIRE SITUATION in life, your mind races to the question: “Who do I trust?” Our instincts point to TWO DIRECTIONS: Manward or Godward. If you are a believer, this question is a NO-BRAINER! Of course, we TRUST GOD!


This Psalm gives us a very simple THREE-POINT OUTLINE:

I. DOXOLOGY of God – vv. 1 – 2

II.Why I can NOT TRUST MAN – vv. 3 – 4

III.Why I should trust God – vv. 5 – 10
A.The Short Answer – vv. 5 – 6
B.The Long Answer – 10 reasons – vv. 7 – 10


The Ten reasons why we trust God and the three reasons we cannot trust man should be a good enough reminder to us where to REST in the face of the TREACHEROUS WATERS of our lives. HELP and HOPE is certain in God! In a season of low morale, this Psalm is a healing balm to our battered souls.