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Living Word Christian Church

Carmelo Caparros
Sep 17, 2017


We had previously discussed about the sin of favoritism and discrimination and it is possible that there were some that James was writing to, who were still exonerating themselves in their minds, by thinking that the sin of favoritism and discrimination is just one sin, and therefore, God cannot be displeased with that for after all they had obeyed majority of the commandments.


The emphasis of this entire passage has to do with God and His righteousness.

One Law Broken = All Laws Broken

Jewish teachers often used “stumbling” to mean sin.

According to God’s standard: One law broken = All laws broken. The point here is that even if you can achieve 99% righteousness. If you miss 1%. YOU HAVE BECOME GUILTY OF ALL. The laws of God are unitary in nature.

God’s Standard of Righteousness: Complete Obedience
– One law broken = All laws broken
– Reason: God is the maker of all laws

God’s Expected Righteousness
– Speech and Action consistent with the gospel
– Judgment on our speech and action

God’s Judgment on Measure of Righteousness
– No mercy means no mercy from God
– Mercy means no judgment


The righteousness of God transcends human righteousness in its essence, expression and evaluation, and we must align our minds and hearts to God’s own righteousness, so that we would always do the right thing!