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Living Word Christian Church

Carmelo Caparros
Mar 5, 2023


Does mere profession of Christ guarantee a place in His kingdom and in heaven? Do SIMILAR APPEARANCES make you a believer and a recipient of God’s kingdom blessings and inheritance?

These are the questions we will attempt to answer as we look at the DISTINCTIONS and DESTINY of the TRUE and FALSE believer. Here are the THREE POINTS to look at.


TEXT: Matthew 13:7-22

I. The True and False Sower & The True and False Seedsvv. 24 – 25, v. 37 – v. 39

II.The Present Reality of the True and False – vv. 26 – 27, v. 38

III.The Future Destiny of the True and False – vv. 28 – 30, vv. 39 -43

1. The Source of False Seeds – v. 29
2. Destiny of the True and False Seeds – vv. 29 – 30


While Jesus was speaking PRIMARILY of CONDITIONS during His time and in the FUTURE Tribulation period, they are SIMILAR to ours as well. In the world, we have the presence of false and true believers.

In the end, judgment will take place and the TRUE ONES will have ETERNAL BLISS and the FAKE ONES will have ETERNAL TORMENT.