Carmelo Caparros
Jun 27, 2021


In a country that claims to be the ONLY CHRISTIAN NATION in ASIA, there is no problem in accepting the statement that “Jesus is Lord!”. However, that statement to MAJORITY of the Filipinos would just amount to a mere MENTAL ASSENT and does not in any way speak of something REAL in their lives.

This SAD REALITY can be attributed to our INSUFFICIENT UNDERSTANDING of the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The passage we will study today will instruct us on what this really means.


TEXT: Matthew 7: 21- 29


This refers to people who PROFESS to be Christians, but are NOT

They may be participating in Christian activities:
1. They attend church.
2. They listen to sermons.
3. They sing Christian songs.
4. They attend Bible studies.

II.THE CLAIM – v. 22

This phrase is in the Greek present tense, which means that such a person is CONTINUALLY LIVING in OBEDIENCE to the WILL of God as the NORMAL COURSE of his life. [Consistency of walk]


We need to note the fact that it says “MANY”. Many professors of Christianity will end up in hell.
Note that these people made certain claims:

1. prophesy in Your name
2. in Your name cast out demons
3. in Your name perform many miracles

Thus speaketh Christ our Lord to us,
You call Me Master and obey Me not,
You call Me Light and see Me not,
You call Me Life and live Me not,
You call Me Wise and follow Me not,
You call Me fair and love Me not,
You call Me rich and ask Me not,
If I condemn thee,


Not all that has the BRANDING of CHRISTIANITY is necessarily CHRISTIAN. The CRUSADES in the MIDDLE AGES which saw the DEATHS of thousands of people in the NAME of CHRIST is PROOF of that. As they say, the PROOF is in the PUDDING