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Living Word Christian Church

Carmelo Caparros
Oct 2, 2022


Greatness is NOT CONDEMNED in the Bible. In fact, it is encouraged.

It was Jesus Himself who said, “He who wants to be greatest of all, must be a servant of all.” GREATNESS does not CONTRADICT HUMILITY.

Greatness, however, must be measured according to GOD’S STANDARDS and SCRIPTURES and not according to SECULAR or WORLDLY calculations. In this passage, we see Jesus giving TRIBUTE to John the Baptist

The preceding passage tells us that John began to DOUBT whether Jesus was the Messiah. The crowd may have thought that because of this LAPSE of JUDGMENT, John was a FAILURE

Jesus dispelled those perceptions by GIVING TRIBUTE to John’s greatness. A MOMENTARY LAPSE or MISSTEP does not take away the GREATNESS of a LIFE. Let’s now look at the 3 point sermon flow of this passage


TEXT: Matthew 11:7-12

I. John’s life & Ministry – vv. 7 – 12
1. His Character – vv. 7 – 8
2. His Call – vv. 9 – 10
3. His Greatness – v. 11
4. His Success & Opposition – v. 12

II. John’s Scriptural Validation – vv. 13 – 14

III.Call to Faith in John & Jesus’ Message – v. 15


As Jesus paid tribute to John, would He say something similar about us or will He say:

“Who did you go out to see… a backslidden Christian who wined and dined with the world …

who was afraid to mention My name with his friends… and brought shame to Me.