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Living Word Christian Church

Carmelo Caparros
Feb 19, 2023


We have seen different kinds of hearts and responses to the PERSON & MESSAGE of Jesus Christ. Today, we will be studying the THORNY or WORLDLY HEART. It is a heart that is FOCUSED on the things of this world. Its concern is the TEMPORAL rather than the ETERNAL.


TEXT: Matthew Matthew 13:7-22

Such a heart is UNABLE to receive God’s word. What we see in these 2 verses are 2 points:

I. The Thorny Heart – vv. 7 & 22

The “thorns” tell us that the primary concern of this man is the THINGS of the WORLD.

He is worried about losing POWER, FAME, WEALTH & REPUTATION.

II.The Thorny Pressure & Suffocation – vv. 7 & 22

WORLDLINESS & GREED drowns out the BEAUTY of God and His word. These attitudes BLINDED them from TRUTH and REASON. This is why they REJECTED CHRIST.


A worldly heart you and I must not have for if we do, we will never taste and see that the Lord He is good!