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Living Word Christian Church

The What, Why & How of Jesus’ Parables

Carmelo Caparros
Jan 29, 2023


Jesus was a MASTER TEACHER and He knew how to use LANGUAGE and FIGURES of SPEECH to drive home a point and one of the pedagogies that He uses is the PARABLE. In some ways, many preachers and writers have caught the way Jesus teaches thereby using figures of speech or symbols to illustrate truth. I recall that M.R. De Haan used a powerful illustration which functions like a parable.


He narrates: “I read about a minnow-like fish called “4 eyes” which makes its home in Central and South America. What’s unusual about him is his large, bulging eyes. They are so situated on his head that he can spend time cruising along the water with only the UPPER HALF of each eye above the surface.

The top half has an AIR LENS and the bottom half has a WATER LENS, which amounts to a set of BIFOCALS, giving him the ability to see in both the UPPER and UNDER WORLD.

Believers see not only the UNDER WORLD – earthly matters, but also the UPPER WORLD – heavenly matters

In our study today, we will see that WHAT, WHY and HOW of parables as seen in 2 divisions in the passage we will be studying today:


TEXT: Matthew 1 – 3, 10 – 17

I. THE WHAT – – – The Setting and the Pedagogy Matthew 13: 1 – 3

II. THE WHY & HOW – – – The Reasons & Mechanics of the Pedagogy 10 – 17


The question we have to ask ourselves is: Do I have eyes to see? If I do have eyes to see, it means I have a heart that is sincerely seeking the truth. If I am blind, it is because I have rejected truth continually in my life and my blindness is my judgment.