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Living Word Christian Church

Carmelo Caparros
Nov 20, 2022


There is an INVISIBLE WAR that is taking place in our midst. It is a war between GOOD vs. EVIL and LIGHT vs. DARKNESS. It is a WAR between GOD’s kingdom vs. the Devil’s.

In this war, we are called upon to TAKE SIDES. There is NO OPTION to stay NEUTRAL. Some have taken the side of God whereas
others have chosen to stubbornly remain in the DEVIL’S LAIR. Such are the Pharisees whose hearts are even “HARDER than STONE.”

Do you know that stones can be smoothened by water. When we went to the Valley of Elah, we came across a very DRY PLAIN. During the rainy season however this place produces what is called as a WADI, which is a DRY RIVER except during rainy season. There you will find SMOOTH STONES that have been shaped by WATER.

These were the stones that David used to kill Goliath. So you see, even stones could be smoothened, but the hearts of the Pharisees were HARDER than STONE.


TEXT: Matthew 12:22-30

I. The King’s Assault on the Devil’s Kingdom and the Response – vv. 22 – 23

II. The False Charge by the Devil’s Advocates – v. 24

III. The King’s Defense and the King’s Counter Charge vv. 25 – 30


Some hearts are like CLAY, when exposed to the LIGHT of TRUTH, they harden even more.

Let us hope that our hearts are like WAX, that melt when exposed to the LIGHT of TRUTH.