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Living Word Christian Church

Carmelo Caparros
Feb 5, 2023


For the next few Sundays, we are going to use a SPIRITUAL STETHOSCOPE to determine the condition of the hearts of mankind.

There are basically 4 kinds of hearts that we will come across in our lifetime. I intend to expound on each heart every Sunday to give us a better analysis of the heart condition of a particular type of person.

There are 3 things we will observe in the scenario that Jesus describes through a parable.


TEXT: Matthew 13: 3 – 4, 18 – 19

I. Jesus’ Seed Sowing – v. 3

Only the seed or God’s word can impart SPIRITUAL LIFE.

Provides the TRUE and INTIMATE knowledge of God.

Imparts to us the life of CHRIST – righteousness and holiness Eternal life

II.Seeds’ Landing Place

III.Seeds’ Snatcher
Exposed seeds would then be eaten by birds or trampled under foot


I hope today’s CARDIOLOGY EXAM has helped us understand the pitfalls of an UNRESPONSIVE HEART.