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Living Word Christian Church

Carmelo Caparros
Oct 16, 2022


One of the things we try to observe in studying a passage is the TONE by which it is written and one QUICK OBSERVATION we can make here is the TONE of FRUSTRATION, even ANGER coming from Jesus Christ. This FRUSTRATION was born out of the UNBELIEF
and STUBBORNNESS of that GENERATION in spite of the EVIDENCE of thousands of MIRACLES proving the MESSIAHSHIP of Jesus Christ.

The TRUTH of Jesus’ PERSON and MESSAGE demanded a RIGHTEOUS RESPONSE of FAITH. Yet what we find here would be a FABRICATION of EXCUSES and INDIFFERENCE. Hence, Jesus declares JUDGMENT on that generation.


TEXT: Matthew 11:16-24

The sermon flows in TWO POINTS:

I. The Stubborn Generation’s False Expectations – vv. 16 – 19
A) The Analogy – vv. 16 – 17
B) The Excuses and Christ’s Vindication – vv. 18 – 19

II.The Stubborn Generation’s Righteous Judgment – vv. 20 – 24

Many people don’t want to accept Christ in this life because they have POWER, PRESTIGE, and MONEY. But they will one day wake up to ETERNAL SHAME



A young lawyer was sitting in a village law office in the state of New York.
It was very early in the day and he was all alone when the Lord began to deal with him.

“What are you going to do when you finish your course?”
“Put out a shingle and practice law.”
“Then what?” “Get rich.”
“Then what?” “Retire”
“Then what?” “Die”
“Then what?”

And the words came tremblingly, “The judgment.”
He ran for the woods a half mile away.

All day he prayed and vowed that he would never leave until he had made his peace with God. He saw himself at the judgment bar of God.

For 4 years he had studied law, and now the vanity of a selfish life lived for the enjoyment of the things of this world, was made clear to him. He came out of the woods that evening, after a long struggle, with the high purpose of living henceforth to the glory of God and of enjoying Him forever.

From that moment blessings untold filled his life, and God used him in a mighty way, not as a lawyer but as a preacher, to bring thousands to conversion over a useful period of 50 years