Carmelo Caparros
Sep 3, 2017


Even as Christians, we sometimes carry with us some form of worldliness and that worldliness is seen in our treatment of our less fortunate brethren.

Discrimination and favoritism have no place in the body of Christ. James minces no words in tackling this issue.


God’s Treatment vs. Believer’s Treatment of The Poor Man
– God’s election of the poor (James 1:5)
– The believers’ rejection of the poor (James 1:6-7 )

The Unbelieving Rich Man’s Treatment of The Believers
– Oppression and suing in court
– Blasphemy of the Christian name

The Proper and Improper Treatment of All Men
– The proper treatment of all men (James 1:8)
– The sin and indictment of preferential treatment (James 1:9)


The way to the path of love is through the path of empathy. It is not that God is anti-rich but that the rich at times are anti-God. MAY WE ALSO BE “HUGGERS” OF THOSE WHO ARE POOR.