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Living Word Christian Church

Carmelo Caparros
Aug 27, 2017


Favoritism and discrimination are sins that Christians commonly commit, but something that is not given much attention, but surprisingly this one of the sins that God condemns so vigorously both in the Old and New Testament. Again, here we find James tackling this issue once more.


Principle and Practice in Christianity (James 2:1)
– Equality of All Men
– Equality of Treatment

Inequality of Treatment
– Two Kinds of Men (James 2:2)
– Two Kinds of Treatment (James 2:3)

Malpractice: Guilt on Two Counts (James 2:4)
– Discrimination and Judgment
– Evil Motivation


All over the world, there is racism and discrimination, but Christianity is a home and refuge for all men who want
to know Christ.

Our Jesus makes no distinctions; He treats all men equally and grants salvation with no thought of riches or poverty.