Carmelo Caparros
Sep 19, 2021


We said last weekend that John was the one whom Jesus spoke of as the LAST and the GREATEST among the O.T. Prophets, since he still belonged to that dispensation. His radical ways produced radical results and should serve as an inspiration for us to live radical lives.

Here are two things we can say about John the Baptist.


We talked about John’s manifestation and radical message and we are now ready to continue our study on this mighty prophet of God

2. John’s Fulfillment as the Radical Herald of Biblical Prophecy (v. 3)

3. John’s Radically Austere Attire and Lifestyle (v.4)

4 Now John himself had a garment of camel’s hair and a leather belt around his waist; and his food was locusts and wild honey.

John was a priest by heritage.

II. John’s Radical Impact in the Religious Capital and
Southern Kingdom (vv. 5 – 6)


God has made us to be RADICALS, LIGHT in the midst of DARKNESS, but we must FULFILL that role. Napoleon said this to his generals:

“There is no greater immorality than to occupy a place you cannot fill.”

If the church wants to make an impact on society, it has to be filled with radicals.