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Living Word Christian Church

Carmelo Caparros
Sep 12, 2021


When John the Baptist burst into the scene, he was like a HUMAN TORNADO sweeping through the land and changing the SPIRITUAL LANDSCAPE. Perhaps a one word description of John the Baptist would be RADICAL.

A radical is not a radical because he is DIFFERENT. A radical is a radical because he produces CHANGES. In the words of the great revivalist, of course, the kind of radical we want is a RADICAL BELIEVER in Christ and John the Baptist presents himself as a compelling EXAMPLE to all of us.


TEXT: Matthew 3: 1 – 6

Here are two things we can say about John the Baptist.

I. John’s Radical Description (vv. 1 – 4)
1. John’s Manifestation and Radical Message (vv. 1 – 2)
2. John’s Fulfillment as the Radical Herald of Biblical Prophecy (v.3)
3. John’s Radically Austere Attire and Lifestyle (v.4)

II. John’s Radical Impact in the Religious Capital and Southern Kingdom (vv. 5 – 6)


Matthew 3: 1 – 6 is a PREPARATION for King Jesus’ presentation as the King of Israel. In ancient times, the Eastern Kings used to send HERALDS ahead of them to announce their coming. They told the people to prepare the KING’S HIGHWAY for the ROYAL CARRIAGES and ARMIES.

John the Baptist is the HERALD/FORERUNNER of King Jesus. The RESPONSIBILITY of the HERALD is to make sure that the ROADWAY was as SMOOTH and UNCLUTTERED as possible. HOLES would be filled, ROCKS and DEBRIS would be removed and GARBAGE/ LITTER would be burned.

John was to fulfill this NOT LITERALLY, but FIGURATIVELY and SPIRITUALLY speaking. There are 2 things we can say about him in his relationship with Jesus:

1 – He precedes Jesus in BIRTH, APPEARANCE and DEATH.
2 – He was the Lord’s cousin and he had a relatively SHORT MINISTRY before Christ’s appearance [6 MONTHS]


John’s life, ministry and preaching were RADICAL and it takes COMMITMENT and CONSECRATION to God from our end to be like John. Are you willing to be a RADICAL for Jesus?