Carmelo Caparros
Oct 7, 2018


In this sermon, we will see the beginning of Habbakuk’s dilemma. In here we will see the LIMITATIONS of Habbakuk’s mind and this is likewise true of us. There are certain things that are difficult to understand about GOD’S WAYS. God understands our FINITE MINDS and He allows us to ask.

The form by which this book comes to us is through a series of DIALOGUES between God and Habakkuk and this should encourage us to engage God in a dialogue whenever the situation calls for it.

God will not despise us when we ask Him serious questions in a reverential way. In the end, God has an answer to every question we have.

There are THREE THINGS we will see here:

TEXT: Habbakuk 1:1- 5

I. Habakkuk’s two-fold question:

a) 1st question: God’s seeming apathy

b) 2nd question: God’s silence in the face of blatant sin

II. Result of God’s seeming apathy and silence:

a) law is ignored

b) justice is never upheld

c) increase of wicked men

d) perversion of justice

III. God’s Surprising answer

a) God is doing something amazing and mysterious in the present