Carmelo Caparros
Jun 9, 2019


In the previous chapters many questions arose. Questions like:

1. What would happen to the Jews in exile?

2. What would happen to the Jews who had returned to Israel?

3. What is going to happen to the plan of salvation?

4.Would a Messiah and Savior come to the world?

5. What would be the fate of Mordecai?

6. What would happen to Esther?

7. Would Esther’s request be granted?

8. What is going to happen to Haman?


I. The Queen’s Petition – 6: 14 – 7: 4

II.The Queen’s Revelation – 7: 5 – 7: 6

III.The King’s Wrath and Haman’s Destruction – 7: 7 – 7: 10


Haman sought glory for himself and wanted to destroy everything on his path that he perceived was a hindrance to his self-worship. What he didn’t know was that Satan was using his pride and anger to destroy God’s plan for the salvation of mankind.

Our God however can never be FRUSTRATED! In His sovereignty and providence, He will work behind the scenes and work on behalf of His instruments to FULFILL ALL OF HIS GOOD PURPOSES!