Carmelo Caparros
Nov 21, 2021


In the first four chapters of Messiah, which includes this passage, Matthew endeavored to show Jesus’ DIVINE CREDENTIALS to state that He is the QUALIFIED & PROMISED Davidic King, Messiah and Savior of the world. This in fact is the MAJOR THEME of the entire book and the closing verses of Matthew 4 somehow add MORE MEAT into this claim.

But aside from that, I see that Jesus’ ministry serves as a PARADIGM for doing ministry and we can learn much from what Jesus did. Here’s how our sermon flows this morning:


TEXT: Matthew 4: 23 – 25

I. Jesus’ Messianic Ministry v. 23

a. General & Specific Location of Ministry
b. Messianic Activities:
DECLARATIVE – Teaching & Proclaiming

II. Messiah’s Fame & Power v. 24

III. Messiah’s Rabid Following v. 25


Once again, Jesus ministry particularly his HEALING demonstrated His MESSIANIC CREDENTIALS. Matthew has done a tremendous job in proving His point! As we meditate on this passage, let us not just glory in Jesus’ credentials but let us use it as a pattern when we do ministry.

Let us be TIRELESS in teaching and preaching the word, wherever He takes us and if God be pleased to use a supernatural manifestation, let us not be found quenching the Spirit. In all this, let our motive be the GLORY of God and the extension of His kingdom.