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Living Word Christian Church

Carmelo Caparros
Nov 21, 2021


In the first four chapters of Messiah, which includes this passage, Matthew endeavored to show Jesus’ DIVINE CREDENTIALS to state that He is the QUALIFIED & PROMISED Davidic King, Messiah and Savior of the world. This in fact is the MAJOR THEME of the entire book and the closing verses of Matthew 4 somehow add MORE MEAT into this claim.

But aside from that, I see that Jesus’ ministry serves as a PARADIGM for doing ministry and we can learn much from what Jesus did. Here’s how our sermon flows this morning:


TEXT: Matthew 4: 23 – 25

I. Jesus’ Messianic Ministry v. 23

a. General & Specific Location of Ministry
b. Messianic Activities:
DECLARATIVE – Teaching & Proclaiming

II. Messiah’s Fame & Power v. 24

III. Messiah’s Rabid Following v. 25


Once again, Jesus ministry particularly his HEALING demonstrated His MESSIANIC CREDENTIALS. Matthew has done a tremendous job in proving His point! As we meditate on this passage, let us not just glory in Jesus’ credentials but let us use it as a pattern when we do ministry.

Let us be TIRELESS in teaching and preaching the word, wherever He takes us and if God be pleased to use a supernatural manifestation, let us not be found quenching the Spirit. In all this, let our motive be the GLORY of God and the extension of His kingdom.