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Living Word Christian Church

Carmelo Caparros
Feb 4, 2018


The tongue is a beautiful gift of God and one can’t possibly imagine what great loss human life would have if we lost the gift of speech.

I belonged to a generation that transitioned from black and white SILENT movies to colored movies that had SOUND, and those who belong to my generation know the WORLD of DIFFERENCE between the two. Movies are now so much more richer because of sound.

Sadly however this gift of speech has been terribly misused and has even become a mighty instrument of SIN. The tongue is supposed to be a fountain of blessing, encouragement, and edification, but sometimes it is used in the opposite way that God wants it to be.

The tongue is so IMPORTANT that it is the MEASURE of THREE THINGS in this passage:

I. The measure of judgment of the tongue v. 1

II.The measure of spirituality of the tongue v. 2
a. The given fact of our imperfection
b. The spiritual maturity of one able to control the tongue

III.The measure of the power of the tongue vv. 3 – 5
a. The illustration of small and powerful things
b. The small but powerful tongue