Carmelo Caparros
Mar 21, 2021


Religious hypocrisy had become common place in mainstream Judaism and this was something that Jesus was bent on exposing.

Last weekend, Jesus the mask of hypocrisy in almsgiving. In this passage, Jesus gives us another illustration of religious hypocrisy in the area of prayer.

One thing we will discover in our study today is that sin is something which follows us all the way into the very PRESENCE of God. Even in prayer, our tendency is to think of self rather than God. This is in truth self-worship and Jesus makes us aware of this in His teaching.


TEXT: Matthew 6: 5 – 6

I.POSTURE in PRAYER (vv. 5 – 6)
(a)Wrong Posture and Its Negative Consequence – v. 5
(b)Right Posture and Its Positive Consequence – v. 6

II.PROCEDURE in PRAYER (vv. 7 – 8)
(a)Wrong Method and Wrong Expectation – v. 7
(b)Right Method and Right Expectation – v. 8


We must rid ourselves of the sin of SELF-WORSHIP, disguised with a HOLY CLOAK. Rather, we are to do things only for the WORSHIP of God who alone is WORTHY.