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Living Word Christian Church

The Kingdom Hidden, The Kingdom Come

Carmelo Caparros
Apr 2, 2023


After hearing the parables of the sower and wheat and tares, perhaps the disciples began to think that the kingdom would be a FAILURE if so many REJECTED it. Their dreams for PEACE, FREEDOM, PROSPERITY, RIGHTEOUSNESS and a REVIVED JEWISH NATION was a seemingly FOREGONE DREAM.

Jesus however shows to them that the KINGDOM was not a FAILURE but that it would simply be HIDDEN for a TIME, but would once again REAPPEAR in the FUTURE.


TEXT: Matthew 13: 31 – 35

I. The Kingdom Hidden and the Kingdom Revealed – vv. 31 – 33

A)The Kingdom Hidden 31 – 32 a
B)The Kingdom Come 32 b
C)The Kingdom Hidden – 33a
D)The Kingdom Revealed – 33b

II.The Kingdom Message Hidden for the Present – 34 – 35


Christ was REJECTED, but He was not DEFEATED. The Kingdom will still come here on EARTH as it is in HEAVEN and that will happen in Christ’s Second Coming.