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Living Word Christian Church

The King, The Herald, and Heaven’s Witness

Carmelo Caparros
Oct 10, 2021


In the previous sermons, we got introduced to John the Baptist, the HERALD of the King, who prepared the King’s arrival in the most RADICAL WAY.

As the plot now fast forwards, we see the ARRIVAL of the King and it is during this time that HEAVEN confirms the VERACITY of the King. This scene seeks to present Jesus as the TRUE PROMISED DAVIDIC KING and leaves NO DOUBT about the TRUTHFULNESS of His identity.

But the story within the story is that the HERALD gets STUNNED by the HUMILITY and the SUBMISSION of this King. I’d like to share to you the 3-point flow of the narrative.


I. The King’s Arrival & The Herald’s Protest – vv. 13 – 14

II. The King’s Reason & The Herald’s Obedience – v. 15

III. Heaven’s 2-fold Witness vv. 16 – 17


Jesus, as the PROMISED DAVIDIC KING was proven in this SIMPLE SCENE. And what a King Jesus was. A HUMBLE, SUBMISSIVE King He is!