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Living Word Christian Church

Carmelo Caparros
Nov 6, 2022


There are occasions when the LAWS of God seem to be in opposition to one another. For instance, the Bible says that we are to SUBMIT to the GOVERNMENT, but what if the government tells us to burn our Bible and stop proclaiming the gospel.

Another example is the Bible tells us that wives are to submit to their husbands, but what if the husband tells you to
do something contrary to the scriptures, like watching pornography? What shall you do?

The “TENSIONS” among the laws of God can at times be CONFUSING and it can cause us to be “GUILT-RIDDEN”. Satan comes to us like a flood and badgers us with all kinds of accusations making us feel unworthy.

It is in the context of this tension, that Jesus addresses what I would call the PRINCIPLE of the HIGHER LAW.


TEXT: Matthew 12: 1 – 13

There are 3 points to our study today:

I. The Perceived Violation – v. 1

II.The Accusation – v. 2

III.The Examples, Defense, and Demonstration – vv. 3 – 13

1. The Examples – vv. 3 – 5
2. The Defense – vv. 6 – 8
3. Demonstration – vv. 9 – 13


I hope the principle of the HIGHER LAW will help us decide on confusing matters that we many not be wearied by GUILT and SATAN’S ACCUSATIONS.

In everything we do, does it RELFECT the LOVE of God and LOVE for man. That is the bottomline in this passage.