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Living Word Christian Church

Carmelo Caparros
Dec 4, 2022


This passage gives us a CHILLING WARNING not to COMMIT the UNPARDONABLE SIN. While the SPECIFIC UNPARDONABLE SIN mentioned in this passage CANNOT be committed by people today, the underlying principle is that if we continue to harden our hearts, we might reach the stage wherein we are BEYOND REPENTANCE and therefore FORGIVENESS will no longer be accesible to us.


TEXT: Matthew 12: 31 – 32

I. The Sins that can be Forgiven and the One Sin that cannot – v. 31


II.The Unforgivable Sin of Blasphemy of the Spirit – v. 32

“BLASPHEMY” is openly speaking against a Holy God or defaming or mocking Him.

  • Blasphemy of the Spirit demonstrated an ABSOLUTE, PERMANENT and DETERMINED REFUSAL to BELIEVE. The refusal comes after ALL THE EVIDENCE, ARGUMENTS, MIRACLES have been presented.


    During WWII, an American naval force in the North Atlantic was engaged in heavy battle with enemy ships and submarines on an exceptionally dark night. 6 planes took off from the carrier to search out those targets, but while they were in the air a total blackout was ordered for the carrier in order to protect it from attack.

    Without the lights on the carrier’s deck the 6 planes could not possibly, and they made a radio request for the light to be turned on just long enough for them to come in. But because the entire carrier, with its several thousand men as well as other planes and equipment, would have been put in jeopardy, no lights were permitted.

    When the 6 planes ran out of fuel, they had to ditch in the freezing water and all crew members perished into eternity.

    When God SHOWS you the LIGHT of TRUTH, you have to respond because if you HARDEN your heart, God might NO LONGER OPEN the LIGHT of TRUTH for you to see.