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Living Word Christian Church

Carmelo Caparros
Jun 13, 2021


The word “masquerade” is defined as a festive gathering of COSTUMED INDIVIDUALS wearing MASKS and other DISGUISES. A less literal meaning goes, “a going about under false pretenses” or “assuming a false character.”

These meanings describe what false prophets are – they go about masquerading that they are MESSENGERS of TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS but in truth, they are FULL of LIES and UNRIGHTEOUSNESS, because of this, we are to BEWARE of MASKED MEN who pretend to be shepherds of Christ. HERE is a simple outline of our study today


TEXT: Matthew 7:15 – 20

I. Three Characteristics of False Prophets – vv. 15 – 16a, 20

The word “Beware” always implies DANGER. The word “beware” is a Greek present imperative, which means that we are being COMMANDED to be CONSTANTLY and CONTINUALLY ALERT!

II. The Root Determines the Fruit – vv. 16b – 18

III.The Final Destiny of False Prophets – v. 1


Several Sundays back, we said that we are NOT to JUDGE but that certainly does
not mean NOT to BE DISCERNING. We are called “sheep” and sheep are the most
stupid animals and our being called one means that we are GULLIBLE.
Thank God, He has given us His word and His Spirit that we might be alert on