Carmelo Caparros
Nov 8, 2020


If we study the history of Israel, we often get surprised with the kind of HATRED that some nations and some people have towards Israel.

Not long ago, many Middle Eastern countries desired the EXTINCTION of the nation.

As extensive is the history of ANTI-SEMITISM (Anti Israelite sentiment), so much more is the HISTORY of God’s COVENANT FAITHFULNESS in preserving and delivering this nation.

In application, we have also seen and continue to see God’s PRESERVATION and DELIVERANCE in our lives.


This Psalm will remind us of this. Let us examine its three main points:

I.Declaration of the Lord’s Support and Deliverance vv. 1 – 5

(A)Declaration vv. 1 – 2a
(B)Deliverance from Opposition and Physical Harm vv. 2 b – 3a
(C)Deliverance from Animosity and Emotional Meltdown – v. 3b – 5

II.Devotion for God’s Deliverance vv. 6 – 7
III.Divulgence of Faith v. 8


It is amazing to know that after 2,000 years of being dispersed all over the world, Israel is back again in their country. They have re-learned the ancient language of Hebrew, maintained their culture, customs and beliefs and are becoming a well established and powerful and wealthy nation.

How was this possible? One word: YAHWEH.

This one word is our comfort as well in the midst of OVERWHELMING SITUATIONS.