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Living Word Christian Church

Carmelo Caparros
Apr 17, 2022


Man in his quest for DEEPER SPIRITUALITY would usually come up with EXTERNAL RULES as basis for LIVING. Eventually, they become TRADITIONS which become entrenched in RELIGIOUS CULTURE. The question is: “Does human tradition please God?

The problem with human tradition is that it is usually in EXCESS of what God requires. Worse, it becomes a BADGE for SPIRITUALITY and is used as basis for UNJUST JUDGMENTALISM. Jesus brings clarity on this issue and we will see three clear points on this passage and they are as follows:


TEXT: Matthew 9:14-17

Jesus makes it clear by implication that their man-made TRADITION was WRONG and their view of SPIRITUALITY was WRONG! Spirituality is NOT MEASURED by man-made TRADITIONS.

I. The Confusion on Tradition – v. 14

II. The Truth on Deviation – v. 15

III. The Illustrations on Truth over Tradition – vv. 16 – 17


Here we find the FOLLY of following our own TRADITIONS.

We must BREAK FREE from them and allow God’s TRUTH to dwell in us though it may sound as something NEW to us.