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Living Word Christian Church

Carmelo Caparros
May 8, 2022


As we had always seen in the ministry of Jesus Christ, there has always been a MIXED REACTION. We have the MIX of FAITH & UNBELIEF, JOY & ANGER, ACCEPTANCE & REJECTION, this in spite of the fact that Jesus ALWAYS DOES the RIGHT THING and ALWAYS in a POWERFUL, UNQUESTIONABLE way.


TEXT: Matthew 9:32-34

We see these facts in our 3-point study today:

I. The Petition and Power of Jesus – v. 32 – 33a

II. The Crowd’s Amazement – 33b

III.The Pharisees’ Rejection – v. 34


In the previous sermon, we have seen that if one is OPEN to the TRUTH as the BLIND MEN were, your EYES would be gloriously OPENED to SEE Jesus for who He really is!

However, if one’s MIND is FIXED and DETERMINED NOT TO BELIEVE, no amount of PROOF will help.

In this story, the BLIND MEN SAW whereas the PHARISEES who were supposed to lead the BLIND could not see