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Living Word Christian Church

Carmelo Caparros
Sep 4, 2022


Being a DISCIPLE means so much more than being a LEARNER. Oftentimes our idea of a disciple is somebody with pen and paper and collects all information handed down to him by his mentor.

Based on scripture however, we realize that it involves COMMITMENT and SACRIFICE. As such, it requires a particular MINDSET and this is what Jesus is INCULCATING in them in this passage.


TEXT: Matthew 10:24-31

There are two things Jesus reiterated with them:

I. The Disciple’s Humble Place – vv. 24 – 25
A. Beneath his Mentor – v. 24
B. Treated like his Mentor – v. 25

II. The Disciple’s Assurance & Call – vv. 26 – 31
A. God’s Vindication – v. 26
B. God’s Commission – v. 27
C. God’s Admonition – vv. 28 – 31


As we have expounded these passages, we have now learned that being a disciple requires a certain kind of MINDSET. Using an analogy, we have to have a SOLDIER’S MENTALITY.

But even as we go through this treacherous journey, understand that God walks with us and values us. In the end, there is nothing to fear because our ETERNAL DESTINY is SEALED.