Carmelo Caparros
Aug 29, 2021


Jesus’ birth produced TWO CONTRASTING REACTIONS – One was that of WORSHIP and the other one was that of AVERSION. Indeed, these reactions continue up to today. Some are DELIGHTED with Christ whereas others DISDAIN Christ. Our study today has THREE POINT FLOW to it


TEXT : Matthew 2:1-11

I. The Magi’s Search for Jesus – Matthew 2: 1 – 2


The word translated “magi” or “wise men” actually come from the Greek word “megas” where we get the English word MAGIC or MAGICIAN. The Magi were actually ORIENTAL SORCERORS, ASTROLOGERS and PHILOSOPHERS. They were actually very much into OCCULT WISDOM.

II. Herod’s Reaction, Action and Evil Plan – Matthew 2: 3 – 8

III. Magi’s continued Search, Discovery and Worship – Matthew 2: 9 -11


I hope to God that we are seeing the STAR of Jesus most especially in this pandemic, because only then will we have joy unparalleled and a hope that can never be extinguished.