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Living Word Christian Church

Carmelo Caparros
May 1, 2022


This passage deals with BLIND MEN who could SEE what others could not and because of that, they were REWARDED with PHYSICAL SIGHT. This passage is a POWERFUL LESSON not only of FAITH, but FAITH that PERSEVERES.


TEXT: Matthew 9:27-31

I. Persistent Faith – vv. 27 – 28

II. Faith Rewarded & Instructed – vv. 29 – 30

III. Failure to Follow – v. 31


What particularly interests me in this NARRATIVE is the CAPACITY of these TWO BLIND MEN to SEE what others could not. They saw Jesus for who He really is – Messiah, the Promised Davidic King and Savior of the world.

Their SPIRITUAL SIGHT came about because of their KNOWLEDGE and FAITH in Old Testament SCRIPTURES and eventually their FAITH turns to SIGHT.