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Living Word Christian Church

Carmelo Caparros
Aug 14, 2022


Based on Matthew 28: 18 – 20, we are all supposed to ENGAGE in GOSPEL work.

Now, as we go out and share the GOOD NEWS of SALVATION, we will receive 2 KINDS of RESPONSES – One POSITIVE and the other NEGATIVE.

The response of people would have a corresponding response from us as well as from God. Here’s a two-point outline of our study today.


TEXT: Matthew 10:11-15

I. Response to those who respond positively – vv. 11 – 13a

II.Response to those who respond negatively vv. 13b – 15

A)Messenger’s response – vv. 13b – 14
B) God’s response – The Certainty of Judgment v. 15


So, we have seen how people respond to the gospel and we have also learned how we and God would respond to those responses.

One thing is certain though, we have to share the GOSPEL, because NO GOSPEL means NO RESPONSE and we forfeit the opportunity to partner with God in His work.