Carmelo Caparros
Jul 22, 2018


Believers are often faced with a myriad of realities, some sad and some glad. All of these things are permitted by God for a reason, but what is IMPORTANT is that we RESPOND RIGHT.

As we do that, we can expect God to move in ways that are FAVORABLE to us.

TEXT: James 5: 13 – 16

In this passage, we will see three conditions and three godly responses and they are as FOLLOWS:

1. Suffering – Pray (v. 13)

2. Cheerful – Sing (v. 13)

3. Sick (vv. 14 – 16)

A.Call vv. 14 – 15
•Elders are to pray in faith and anoint v.14
•Elders are to Seek repentance of sick v. 15
•Result – RESTORE and RAISE and PARDON v. 15

B.Confess and Pray v. 16
•Result – HEALING