Carmelo Caparros
Jul 15, 2018


Believers are often faced with a myriad of realities, some sad and some glad. All of these things are permitted by God for a reason, but what is IMPORTANT is that we RESPOND RIGHT. As we do that, we can expect God to move in ways that are FAVORABLE to us.

In this passage, we will see three conditions and three godly responses and they are as FOLLOWS:

TEXT: James 5: 13 – 16

1. Suffering – Pray (v. 13)

2. Cheerful – Sing (v. 13)

3. Sick – (vv. 14 – 16)

A.Call vv. 14 – 15
•Elders are to pray in faith and anoint v.14
•Elders are to Seek repentance of sick v. 15
•Result – RESTORE and RAISE and PARDON v. 15

B.Confess and Pray v. 16 •Result – HEALING