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Living Word Christian Church

Carmelo Caparros
Mar 28, 2021


In this passage, Jesus taught the PROPER WAY to PRAY so that our prayers might be heard. Before this, however, He talked about prayer that would not be answered by God.

Among the characteristics of this WORTHLESS PRAYER are the following:

  1. Self glorifying
  2. Meaningless repetition
  3. Insincerity


After teaching the IMPROPER WAY to pray, He now gives us a PATTERN to FOLLOW which likewise instructs us on God’s PRIORITIES:

We see THREE MAIN POINTS in this passage:

I. GOD’S AGENDA – vv. 9 – 10
A) God’s Name – v. 9
B) God’s Kingdom – v. 10
C) God’s Will – v. 10

II. OUR AGENDA – vv. 11 – 13
A) Our Provision – v. 11
B) Our Forgiveness – v. 12
C) Our Deliverance – v. 13


We all desire for our prayers to be heard by God and since God is our SOVEREIGN LORD and RULER we should go by the “PATTERN” and “PRIORITIES” that He sets.