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Living Word Christian Church

Carmelo Caparros
Jun 19, 2022


This series on the “Master’s Men” has been very inspiring on my part because I am able to see them as MEN of WEAKNESS, transformed by the POWER of God.

I am reminded of the personal testimony of Chuck Swindoll who used to be a TROUBLE MAKER in Sunday school. So, dear Sunday school teachers, when you see a real mean bully in your class, you might be looking at the NEXT FAMOUS PASTOR.

This should likewise be an encouragement to parents who see some of their children as INCORRIGIBLE. God is the TRANSFORMER of the HUMAN HEART.


TEXT: Matthew 10:2-4

The name Philip is a Greek name. Now all of the 12 were Jews, so Philip must have had a JEWISH NAME, but it seems he seldom used it because there is NO MENTION of it in the gospels.

Since his name was Greek, it’s possible that he became the person the Greeks approached when they wanted to see Jesus.

He seemed to be the LEADER of GROUP TWO, because he is always mentioned at the HEAD of the group


LAST NAME: Bartholomew (son of Tolmai)
FIRST NAME: Nathanael (gift of God)

He had some GOOD QUALITIES – was also a STUDENT of SCRIPTURES just like Philip.


So there you’re friends, Mr. Calculator and Mr. Prejudice, but they became MIGHTY MEN of God.