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Living Word Christian Church

Carmelo Caparros
Mar 1, 2020


I read a NEWS ITEM which stated that the Philippines has exported 600,000 photos of naked children all over the world. Pedophiles have FEASTED their eyes on this innocent children who are oftentimes VICTIMS of their own parents. LUST is a major problem and sin in the world and the ones who struggle with this are getting younger and younger.

While LUST is a major problem and sin in the world, people often belittle this sin, rationalizing that they are not really hurting anybody. Thus, they do not consider lust as sin. I hope to change your mind with this sermon.


Here are the TWO POINTS to our study today:

I. Letter of the Law – v. 27 (a)Prohibition to Adultery

II.Spirit of the Law – v. 28

  • (a)Prohibition to Lust
  • (b)Lust = Adultery


In this sermon, we have established God’s transcendent standard of holiness. We oftentimes just concern ourselves with the LETTER of the LAW, not knowing that the SPIRIT of the LAW must likewise be adhered to.