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Living Word Christian Church

Carmelo Caparros
Dec 11, 2022


In this 21st century which is DIGITALLY INUNDATED, we tend to make SKIN DEEP and SHALLOW EVALUATIONS of people’s character because we only judge on the basis of what we see on social media. In other words, we have become a POOR JUDGE of character. This is the reason for FAILED MARRIAGES and a FLAWED SPIRITUAL STATE.

That was likewise true of the 1st century Jews – they too were poor judges of character because they had too many BLIND SPOTS. Jesus calls for a THOROUGH ASSESSMENT of people’s character and spiritual state and we see it here in His TWO-POINT APPRAISAL:


TEXT: Matthew 12: 33 – 37

1. The Evidence of Fruit – v. 33

2. The Evidence of Speech – vv. 34 – 37
The Evaluation – v. 34
The Contrast – v. 35
The Judgment – vv. 36 – 37



Scientists theorize that sound waves are never completely lost but gradually fade beyond detection. With sufficiently
sensitive microphones, every word even spoken in the history of mankind can be retrieved.

How much more in the case of God’s infallible records. Who are you and where are you going? Listen to your mouth.