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Living Word Christian Church

Carmelo Caparros
Apr 3, 2022


In Matthew 8, we saw Jesus’ power and authority over DEFILEMENT, DISTANCE, DISEASE, DEMONS & STORMS.

In the beginning section of Chapter 9, Jesus UPS the TEMPO further by demonstrating His authority to FORGIVE. This authority and power is the MOST PRECIOUS and MOST IMPORTANT for mankind, because if Jesus had power over everything and yet could not forgive, we would ALL be DAMNED to HELL.

While Jesus’ authority to forgive is the main theme of this passage, we likewise see the importance of bringing people to Jesus in this passage.


TEXT: Matthew 9:1-8

I. The contrast of faith & unbelief on Jesus’ authority – vv. 1 – 3

1. The forced crossover – v. 1
2. the faith of friends – v. 2
3. the unbelief of foes – v. 3

II. The defense & demonstration of Jesus’ authority – vv. 4 – 7

III. The Acknowledgement of Jesus’ authority – v. 8


Matthew’s “LAWYERING” for Jesus just got better and better as he brought out evidences one after the other, and each ONE ADDING further and GREATER PROOF that Jesus indeed was the TRUE MESSIAH.

The AUTHORITY to FORGIVE PUTS Jesus at the LEVEL of GOD! He is the FULLY GOD and FULLY MAN Messiah!