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Living Word Christian Church

Humility’s Enlightenment (Part One)

Carmelo Caparros
Oct 23, 2022


Mankind can be compared to TWO MEN wandering in the DESERT. Both are dying of thirst and are in search for water.

One THINKS that he sees a RIVER in the desert and makes a run for it and then dives. But what seemed like a RIVER from a DISTANCE was just a MIRAGE and he falls flat on his face on BURNING SAND. Yet he insists that he really saw a RIVER. This man represents a man who thinks he has found the answers to life BUT finds himself burned by a MIRAGE his mind has created.

The other one finds a WELLSPRING, a knowledge he acquired from someone in that vicinity. Through this knowledge, his quench is thirst. His body is cooled and refreshed and he is reinvigorated to move on. This represents a man who in HUMILITY was willing to rely on someone more knowledgeable than him – that is Christ – and the result is a wellspring that leads to eternal life


TEXT: Matthew 11: 25 – 30

The sermon flows in 3 RELATED PARTS:

I. The Revelation to the Humble – vv. 25 – 26
1. God’s Judgment – v. 25
2. God’s Pleasure – v. 26

II. The Revelation by Divine Choice – v. 27
1. Jesus’ Authority and Knowledge of the Father given to the Humble

III.The Revelation by Faith – vv. 28 – 30
1. The Burden by the Pharisees – v. 28
2. The Rest through faith in Jesus – vv. 29 – 3


The bottom line of this sermon is: If you want to know the way that leads to God and His salvation, you have to put yourself in a POSTURE of HUMILITY.