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Living Word Christian Church

Tim Carns
Jun 26, 2022


I once watched a sermon being preached from Exodus 3 and the burning bush. And, as the preacher was introducing his message, these flames just appeared on a guitar standing behind him. Now these were not real flames but were some visual effect. And the preacher walks over to the burning guitar and begins to warm his hands over the fire while he says, “Is that you God?” Then there’s this deep voice say, “Yes, it’s me!”

The preacher goes on to tell several jokes and talks to God like some casual friend. After a few minutes of this he says, “Are we done here, God?” and then he blows out the flame on the guitar. I couldn’t believe it. I was so angry. It was all a big joke to him. He was laughing, the congregation was laughing. But, you know, when Moses stood before God at the bush, I don’t think Moses was laughing. And I certainly don’t think he blew out the flame!

Now, I don’t imagine something like that happening here. But if we are not careful we can forget just Who it is we sing to;
we can forget just Who it is we pray to; if we are not careful we can forget just Who it is speaking to us from His word; if we are not careful, we too can treat God with a casualness, a familiarity, a commonness; even a disrespect when coming before Almighty God.

But for any church to be used of God it must know what it means that God is holy. And to help us do that please turn with me to Psalm 99.


TEXT: Psalm 99

I. Extol God for His majestic holiness
Ps 99: 1 – 3

II. Exalt God for His moral holiness
Ps 99: 4 – 5

III. Esteem God for His merciful holiness
Ps 99: 6 – 9


As we think about the holiness of God, Moses said it best, “Who is like You among the gods, O LORD?

Who is like You, majestic in holiness?” (Ex 15:11).

Brothers and sisters, what god is like this?

Does not this Holy God deserve our utmost affectionate reverence and loyalty and worship? And so, as we focus on
where we need to be as a church going forward…

Let us remember who it is we serve; as we gather together each Sunday let us remember who it is we worship, and as we go about our daily lives let us remember who it is we represent.