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Living Word Christian Church

Carmelo Caparros
Apr 23, 2017


In today’s sermon, we will see that instead of being hailed as a hero, Jesus will be persecuted as a villain. More than this, as we shall see, the Jews will fail to see Him as both Messiah and God but instead they will see Him as a blasphemer in John 15:8.

Wrong perceptions and wrong beliefs stemming from a hardened heart will lead to wrong decisions and wrong responses. In the end, we will see that if ever unbelief reigns in the hearts of people, it is because they have chosen this path, not because Christ does not present enough evidence for Himself.


(a) Who offended the Jews? Jesus! | verse 14
(b) Jesus heralded by the one healed (sinner) | verse 15
(c) The persecution of Jesus and Jesus’ Defense of His person and work | verses 16-17


As we reflect on this passage, let us be mindful that our pride and our stubborn insistence on our religious beliefs, can come in the way of knowing truth.