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Living Word Christian Church

Carmelo Caparros
Dec 8, 2019

Why are the righteous persecuted? It is because WE ARE WALKING in ONE DIRECTION and the WORLD is walking OPPOSITE the DIRECTION we are walking. It’s IMPOSSIBLE not to COLLIDE!

We finished part one of our study, so we are now ready to conclude this series with part two. But let’s just review our outline:

II. THE BLESSEDNESS of PERSECUTION for Christ’s sake (vv. 11 – 12)
(A) 3 expressions of hatred towards Christianity (v. 11)
1. insult
2. persecution
3. false accusations

(B) 2 responses to persecution (v. 12)
1. rejoice
2. be glad

(C) Rationale for response
1. Great reward in heaven
2. Great company

This is the CLIMAX of the beatitudes and rightly so. This beatitude is the thermometer of other beatitudes. It measures how we’ve grown in Christian character.