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Living Word Christian Church

Carmelo Caparros
Dec 1, 2019

We often meet ROADBLOCKS along the path of our Christian journey. These roadblocks slow us down, turn us back, and even stop us in our pursuit of SERVING God. Such is true of PERSECUTION. “Persecution” comes from the Greek word “dioko” which means “driving or chasing away, a withstanding or keeping one from his goal.”

This speaks of HARASSMENT. Our response however should be that of REJOICING. We are VICTORS and not VICTIMS. There are TWO THINGS I see in this passage. Here’s a little outline of our study this morning:

I. THE BLESSEDNESS of PERSECUTION for the SAKE of righteousness (v. 10)
(a) persecution because of righteousness
3. WRONG REASONS for persecution:
(b) reward: millennial kingdom

II. THE BLESSEDNESS of PERSECUTION for Christ’s sake (vv. 11 – 12)
(A) 3 expressions of hatred towards Christianity (v. 11)
1. insult
2. persecution
3. false accusations
(B) 2 responses to persecution (v. 12)
1. rejoice
2. be glad
(C) Rationale for response
1. Great reward in heaven
2. Great company

The fact that we are sons of the kingdom should motivate us to live like the King of that kingdom.

On March 11, 1830, a British girl was doing her lessons with her tutor and the lesson that day had to do with the royal family. As she studied the genealogical chart in the book, she became aware of the astounding fact that she was NEXT in LINE for the THRONE! At first, she wept, and then she looked at the tutor and said, “I will be good!” The fact that little Victoria would one day be Queen motivated her to live on a higher level