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Living Word Christian Church

Graduating From The University of Contentment

Carmelo Caparros
Jan 22, 2017


Life has been described as a journey. But it is more than a journey, it is an education. Life is a continual learning process, and one of the basic lessons God wants to teach us in life is the Course of Contentment. Paul in this passage graduated as a summa cum laude in the University of Contentment as seen in the situation presented to us in this passage.


There are (3) three things that we will see here:
1. Paul’s ultimate source of rejoicing (foundation of contentment)
2. Paul’s secondary source of rejoicing: Philippians’ resources shared
3. Paul’s remarkable attitude of contentment


Contentment, however, is learned. The verb “learned” means “learned by experience”. It is not something that comes automatic when you accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of your life. Contentment is a course you have to finish.