Carmelo Caparros
Nov 4, 2018


Habbakuk complained to God that He was not doing anything about the evils in the Southern Kingdom of Israel. Habbakuk wondered as to why God seemed apathetic to the evil around him.

God corrects this misimpression on Habakkuk’s part and imparts His answer to Habakkuk. This passage proves one important point. GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS. God’s answer to Habbakuk’s prayer for justice is the BABYLONIANS.

This ANSWER to Habbakuk’s PRAYER was even more BAFFLING to Habbakuk and I will expound on this as we go on. But first, let me present to you the three things we will see in this passage:

TEXT: Habbakuk 1: 6 – 11

A. The Character and Reputation of the Babylonians
(vv. 6 – 7)

B. The Military might, Motive and Pride of the Babylonians
(vv. 8 – 11)

C. The Future Judgment of the Babylonians
(v. 11)