Carmelo Caparros
Jul 26, 2020


As an observer of current events, I have observed that America is NO LONGER as great a nation as it used to be.

Nations that rebel against God have put themselves on the side of the LOSING TEAM. This is one of the central lessons of Psalm 2. On the other hand, God’s RULERSHIP through His Son Jesus Christ is UNSHAKABLE.


Here are the 4 POINTS to our study today

I. The Rebellion of Nations and Kings vv. 1 – 3
1. The Rebellion of Nations and their Evil Plans v. 1
2. The Rebellion of Kings and their Worthless Declaration (of Independence) v.

II. The Response of God the Father vv. 4-6
1. His Mindset v. 4
2. His Powerful Declaration – vv. 5-6

III.The Response of God the Son – vv. 7 – 9
1. The Son’s proclamation of the Father’s Mission for Him – v. 7
2. The Reward of the Father v. 8
3. The Judgment of Nations and Kings by the Son v. 9

IV.The CALL of the Father to repentance – vv. 10 – 12
1. Discern and Heed v. 10
2. Worship and Exult in the Lord v. 11
3. Worship the Son who is the Judge v. 12
4. The Blessedness of Repentance and Submission to Christ- v. 12



When you REBEL against God do you really think you could be successful. Our God and our Lord Jesus Christ are INVINCIBLE and all of our efforts to go against Him will be all for NAUGHT.

May we instead BOW to His rulership because one day His DOMINION over this universe is GOING to be ABSOLUTE and ALL REBELS will be shackled in the pit of HELL., to burn for ALL ETERNITY!