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Living Word Christian Church

Carmelo Caparros
Aug 9, 2020


If I ask you “What are the attributes of God?” I think that most of us would rattle off with these answers: “OMNIPOTENT”, “OMNISCIENT”, and “OMNIPRESENT”. Those would be the standard answers.

One attribute of God that is often missed is this: “God is BEAUTIFUL!”. This is a very important attribute because BEAUTY ATTRACTS! If we see that God is beautiful, we will be ATTRACTED to Him.

Unfortunately, only a REMNANT see and APPRECIATE His beauty.
This was something that the Psalmist saw and it RADICALLY CHANGED his life.


1. The Beauty of God (vv. 1 – 3)
(A)Reflecting (v.1)
(B)Thirsting (v. 2)
(C)Resting (v.3)

2. The Blessing of God (vv. 4 – 7)
(A)Worshiping Grace (v. 4)
(B)Empowering Grace (v.5)
(C)Transforming Grace (v. 6)
(D)Persevering Grace (v. 7)

3.The Dependence on God (vv. 8 – 9)
(A)The Petition

4. The Unrivaled Devotion to God (vv. 10 – 12)
(A)The What (v.10)
(B)The Why (vv. 11 – 12)


What drew me to Christ was His beauty. The beauty of His love, grace, kindness, glory and peace was what attracted me to Him. I continue to pursue Him for only He is able to satisfy my soul.