Carmelo Caparros
Jul 5, 2020


Where do we find GENUINE HOPE? Now, the biblical concept of hope is different from the world’s understanding of it. Many use the word “hope” to simply mean “a wish.” We use it often to speak of something we want to happen but we are uncertain it will take place. When we say, “I hope things get better,” we mean “I wish things would get better.” Your wishing for something to take place, but you’re not really sure if it will happen.

Is that what the psalmist is trying to say? No. Biblical hope is not about wishful thinking. Biblical hope is not only a patient waiting upon the Lord, but also a confident expectation. We can only find it in God! That is what this Psalmist is teaching us. Hope in this Psalm is seen on THREE OCCASIONS:


TEXT: Psalm 42

I. Hope in God Though He Seems Distant (vv. 1-6a)

II. Hope in God Though He Seems Harsh (vv. 6b-8)

III. Hope in God Though He Seems Indifferent (vv. 9-11)


So where do you find GENUINE HOPE? In God and in God alone!